Staff Training and Excellence

Staff Training and Excellence

Why train staff?

Staff training is an integral part of any business. It can improve business performance, profit and Staff morale, resulting in better customer service, better work safety practices and productivity improvements. Staff training is paramount at Crackerjack BBQ when our reputation is based on the quality of the food and the quality of the staff.

There are many training providers around the country and we are fortunate to have an excellent one based here in Harrogate.

Steve Pepper Training Associates offers a range of courses in Food Safety, Licensing & Hospitality; Health & Safety; Customer care; Social Media and Web design; NLP and Substance misuse to name but a few.

Investing in training is a no brainer and last year saw our staff undertake Food Safety and Licensing courses. All passed with flying colours I’m pleased to say.

Personal Development

Expanding personal development is a way to show that you lead from the front. In December 2014, I updated my skills by completing the, then new, allergens course required in accordance with the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation, launched on 13 December 2014. This ensured my business was compliant and the training I undertook enabled me to ensure my staff were up to date as well. Adding to and updating our skillset as a business is an ongoing process but necessary to ensure we are current and at the top of our game at all times.

Ongoing …

This year our training agenda is directed at front of house staff. We will be undergoing Hospitality training at Michelin starred Northcote Manor in Blackburn, voted AA & VISIT ENGLAND Hotel of the Year 2017, so that we can present Michelin star service to our clients.

Valuing staff isn’t just in the wages you pay, but in the belief you have in their abilities, recognising their potential and investing in that recognition. The end result is a cohesive team presenting excellence in all areas of our business, Crackerjack BBQ.