Dalziel (D F Dickens) Butchers Show, Nottingham

Dalziel (D F Dickens) Butchers Show, Nottingham

Sun 29th April saw the culmination of a very busy event weekend in the Crackerjack BBQ Calendar at the Dalziel Butchers Show. We had events in Ireland and the UK; a BBQ demonstration in Limerick, a Brewery Tour in Dishforth, a 70th Birthday party in Harrogate and ended with the Dalziel Butchers Show in Nottingham.

Dalziel Butchers Show

Construction crew building Wall of Fire

The Butchers Show hosted by Dalziel Ltd was located at D F Dickens depot in Nottingham. While I flew in from Ireland to Nottingham, the team left home at 5.30am on the Sunday morning to join us. The Wall of Fire was the highlight of the exhibition for us and we’d travelled down on the Friday before flying to Ireland to build it up.

Wall of Fire

Dalziel Butchers Show Wall of Fire

The steel structure stands around 15 feet high and consists of two steel frames. The Wall has four tiers of meshed steel shelving that are loaded with logs. In front of this is the meat rack; a steel trolley that is wheeled in front of the wall hung with meat.

Dalziel Butchers Show Dalziel Butchers Show

Dalziel Butchers Show

While we were showcasing Crackerjack BBQ, the Butchers Show was showcasing all things related to the industry. The host company Dalziel has twelve depots throughout the UK and serves the meat processing and retail butchery industry . Their product range encompasses meat seasoning blends and ingredients for food processors, frozen and chilled meat, a full range of butchers supplies, crumb and battering systems, plastic casings for cooked meat applications and industrial food machinery. The open day saw exhibitors from all areas of the industry presenting their products. The show was also the platform for the Best Craft Butcher Competition and butchery demonstrations.

Best Craft Butcher contestant Competiton entry 1 Competition contestant skills Competition entry 2 Sausage making Slicers on showBCB Award

In addition to showcasing our Wall of Fire, I presented a BBQ butchery skills demonstration in the morning. Soon enough it was lunchtime and the team got down to the serious business of serving food to the visitors. On the menu was Royal mint & Rosemary lamb shoulder, Memphis pulled pig in Tennessee gravy, Charcoal grilled Tandoori chicken and Scottish rib eye of beef. All were served in either soft rolls or charcoal baked wraps, with salads and sauces. We served 1,000 portions in just under 4 hours. Thankfully, the weather held and the show closed at 4 p.m. We then had a few hours to break down the display and pack up ready to head home. It was a succesful end to a busy weekend.