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Eat differently is what we do, both in what we cook and how we serve it. For the last 18 months we have presented the now famous Crackerjack sharing platter. Trays and tiers of BBQ cooked mouth-watering succulent meats, fish, vegetables and sides where you can choose the mix (or let Chef choose for you).

Perfect for celebrations, weddings and private parties, the joy of the platter means that you don’t have to agonise over your choice of main dish! The joy of the platter is that you get to divulge on a myriad of flavours and textures resulting in a very happy tummy, and happy tummies, make happy guests!”

And it’s not just us that think so!

see what our food critics have to say…

“The signature multi-tier platters are still very much in evidence – presented similarly to a large, meaty cream tea – so it was with great anticipation that three tiers of pleasure made their way to our table…  The food is reliably superb and Andy’s a great fun host so I can’t recommend treating yourself to an evening with a mad man strongly enough.” By Ben Thorpe York on a Fork – 18 Jan 2017

Claire from http://greedywordsmith.com who said “Andy Annat’s food does not disappoint. The menu is carefully balanced to provide appetising options for both the committed carnivore and their vegetarian companions. I can’t comment on the visit without urging visitors to consider the incredible beef rib and its dark, alluring sauce. I will definitely be making a repeat visit.”



All our produce is locally sourced from the best suppliers ensuring quality and freshness.  Our ingredients change with the season from Spring lamb to Winter pheasant and Artichokes to Brussel Sprouts.

By using local sources, we can be assured of the provenance of the meats we use and butchering in-house ensures the best quality cuts. All our fish is from a sustainable source and is fresh from catch to table.

Our seasonings and rubs are mixed to our own recipe and use authentic world spices and flavours. This way we can control our food and enables us to cater for those with dietary requirements with ease.

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