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Andy Annat – Harrogate’s King of the Barbecue

Annie Stirk celebrates National Barbecue Week with Crackerjack Barbecue’s Andy Annat whose sizzling skills have him hotfooting around the globe.   It’s a truth universally acknowledged (at least among men) that manhood is measured not by your car but by the size of your barbecue. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise during [...]

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Rib-tickling Blues

Fantastic review of us here... The Blues Bar is a live music venue a short walk from Harrogate station with a decent selection of real ales and a space upstairs that previously offered Egyptian food. As we arrived early on a Wednesday evening, it was inhabited by musicians starting to get set up for [...]

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Knaresborough Chef Wins Barbecue Cook-Off

Champion barbecue chef Andy Annat is celebrating a big win at a rib-cooking competition. The Knaresborough-based sizzling king scooped first prize at the Rib Nights event in Birmingham, beating top rivals to serve the juiciest pork ribs to 90 diners. Andy is a three-time national champion and has cooked for the Queen, and [...]

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Living North – Chef Special – Andy Annat

Living North meets award-winning international barbecue chef Andy Annat, from Harrogate. Having started out as a butcher, Andy now travels the world with his successful Crackerjack BBQ business.   How did you become a barbecue chef? I started out in the meat business and started entering competitions around the mid to late 90s. [...]

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Makes it’s UK debut in Norfolk Andy Annat creates the inferno of live fire cooking for the 40th birthday party of Nick Crane, a successful business man based in Norfolk. Nick, a massive fan of outside cooking wanted a live fire “show stopper” and asked Andy to produce something that would wow his friends [...]

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Andy’s Top 10 Hints & Tips for a great Barbecue

1) Always buy a BBQ with a lid Keep a lid on it! Other than when spraying or glazing, don’t be tempted to keep lifting the lid of your barbecue. You’ll only lose heat, smoke, moisture and flavour. remember, “if you’re looking, your not cooking!” 2) Use natural lump wood charcoal Fire up in [...]

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BBQ Chocolate Brownies

Ingredients for herb oil 125g plain chocolate 150g butter 285g caster sugar 3 eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 150g pecan nuts (broken) 225g chocolate pieces 125g plain flour Cooking Instructions Grill temperature: 160 degrees centigrade. Indirect cooking Line a large foil tray with greaseproof paper and grease lightly with butter. Melt the [...]

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Beer Can Chicken – With Andy’s Dry Rub

Ingredients 1 Fresh whole chicken around 1.5kg Handful of Andy's dry rub (see recipe) 1 Can of beer 1 Good hand full cherry wood chips Cooking Instructions Grill temperature: 180 degrees centigrade. Indirect cooking First job! Open the can of beer and drink half! Liberally coat the chicken with the dry rub, [...]

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